X0se Luggage Box Wrapping Machine

Product Application

1.X-line IoT Technology
Intuitionistic, sasy to operate.

2.250% Pre-stretch Rate
The film can be stretched 1m to 3.5m by our wrapping machine, it’s can more save cost.

3.Photoelectric sensor
Through the height of photoelectric sensor induction wrapping, more intelligent and faster.

4.Pneumatic compression rod
Pneumatic pressurization prevents scattering and displacement during pallets wrapping.

Our box wrapping machine is exported to Malaysia, Pakistan, UK and other countries and regions, our box stretch wrapping machine is well received by customers for low consumables, high quality and affordable price, as a box wrapping machine manufacturer, welcome! Contact us for more details about box stretch wrapping machine price, box wrapping machine cost, and box wrapping machine video, etc.




Intelligent and Simple Operation System

Intuitionistic and intelligent touch screen, easy to understand and operate.

Saving Film Cost

With pre-stretch roller, maximum up to 380% pre-stretch rate.
Maximize the value of each meter of stretch film
Standard constant releasing film
Fixed-point wrapping and quantitative use film

Weighing Scale Optional

The weighing device is optional, which can be equipped according to customers’ requirements. Help users know the exact weight of each case or box.


Top Pressure Plate

Top pressure plate hold the pallet, suit for unstable boxes or cases.

Automatic measure height

AUTONICS photoelectric sensor, automatically measure the height of each pallet. Intelligent wrapping each luggage, box or case.