X0-BG SMART WASP Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

Best intelligent pallet wrapping machine brands-Smart Wasp 

What is an airport luggage wrapping machine?

The Luggage Wrapping Machine on the departure floor of the terminal provides passengers the opportunity to wrap luggage or boxes in the stretch film for greater safety and convenience if they so choose. This service is provided 24/7.

Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine Application

1.X-line IoT Technology
Intuitionistic, sasy to operate.

2.300% Pre-stretch Rate
The film can be stretched 1m to 3.5m by our wrapping machine, it’s can more save cost.

3.Photoelectric sensor
Through the height of photoelectric sensor induction wrapping, more intelligent and faster.


Locating and Securing Device

Double arm fasteners locate and secure the luggage. Automatic tightening, strong clamping device to ensure goods do not slide out.

Intelligent Touch Operating System

X-Line Touch Screen
our airport luggage wrapping machine is intuitionistic, easy to understand and operate.

Saving Film Consumption

300% pre-stretch rate
Maximize the value of each meter of stretch luggage film
Standard constant releasing film
Fixed-point wrapping and quantitative consume film

Weighing Scale Optional

The weighing device of Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine is optional, which can be equipped according to customers’ requirements. Help users know the weight of each case exactly.